TOP 5 releases this week!

I have another blog that is crafty related in the main and every week I have a Top 10 Tuesday, there is a schedule released every month of topics, and every Tuesday a post is posted by myself and others (on their blogs) called Top 10 Tuesday: *insert topic of list here*.

I wanted to do this on this blog but with a Top 10 of new releases from the past week, and every Friday I shall post. However, as I want to post about it now and I haven’t kept track of where I was, I am going to go with Top 5 releases from the last week!

I have noticed that a lot of albums/tracks lately are starting to sound overproduced, anyone else noticed this? Certain genre’s such as electronic or dance may call for it and you do expect it but it’s putting me off a lot. It’s not the only thing either, what’s will all the two minute intro’s? I probably find it most annoying when I am listening to an artist I haven’t listened to before, I am happy to listen to instrumental but only if I know that your lyrics and vocals are good, when I don’t have that knowledge and am listening to two minutes of ‘build-up?’ it just makes me stop listening. I am that fickle. And if that wasn’t enough I am being tricked by artists I like…I listened to Richard Ashcrofts (former front man of The Verve) new single ‘This is how its done’ and my first impression of it was…’Country? Country? Why has he gone country?’ and that was the overall feel for me with this single, and although it’s bearable it seemed to be trying too hard to be anthemic, and why is he back on the game? I am also not keen on the transition between intro and verse first and the chorus and the verses as they sound somewhat jumpy and not natural at all, very much a squishing together of two songs.

I was brave though, and when I saw that Corinne Bailey Rae had released a new single (if I hadn’t have been sat down at the time I probably would have skipped) I pressed play without a thought only to be slapped hard in the face with some weird intro (see previous comment on intro’s) and her voice which is usually the strength in her songs was having to compete with this…keyboard stuffs. It sounded very experimental, as in my 9 year old niece was experimenting on the keyboard and managed to self-produce some lounge music. I guess it’s not for me…so what did I like this week?

They are in no particular order of preference due to it being a musically uninspiring week, but that’s not to say that those on this list aren’t…ok…

  1. 99 cents – Santigold (album)
  2. Centerfold – MOTHXR (album)
  3. Chaleur Humaine – Christine and the Queens (album)
  4. Death Dream – Frightened Rabbit (single)
  5. Good to Love – FKA TWIGS (single)

Special mention

Tillikum – Benjamin Francis Leftwich (single)

Do you disagree/agree with my selection? Are there any you think I have overlooked who deserve to be mentioned?


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