BLOG: The A to Z Challenge is coming…

The A to Z Challenge is now in its 7th year. I have attempted it about four times over the years and only successfully completed it the once! I blame my fluttery mind that gets distracted but this year will be the first year that I attempt it on this blog and with a music theme (entry #693). So here is my theme…..

The A to Z of Music in 1986

I know right? This is the decade when I grew up and when my musical tastes were most likely firmly implanted in my soul. Yes, my tastes may have changed, but play me a song from back then and nostalgia encompasses my whole being and a smile is inevitable. In this A to Z challenge I will cover the artists/songs that I was listening to and that shaped my childhood. Are you a child of the eighties?
JOIN ME! as I look back thirty years to 1986…starts on April 1st 2016.

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